China / West Business Dealings


Many US and other Western companies have found negotiations with Chinese companies more difficult and complex than with companies in their own geographies – and the same can be said for Chinese companies working with Western companies.   Differences in culture, negotiation styles, and the varying importance of the relationship vs. the contract are all reasons for these sometimes overwhelming challenges.  There may even be fundamental differences in the goals and expectations of the negotiation or outcome of the deal which can lead to a quick celebration over a “successful” negotiation followed by much anguish over the results weeks or months later. 

All of these challenges can be overcome. The key is to first understand the culture and then understand the negotiation style and expectations of the other party.  It is been said that for Westerners to be successful doing business in China, they must have some understanding of the Chinese culture and ancient teachings and be able to incorporate these into their business practices – or at least have respect for their importance.  Westerners who seek to impose only their Western business practices will be seen as arrogant and foolish and will not succeed.  Similarly, the Chinese companies must understand how and why Westerners deploy the methods and practices they do.

We at Dragonfly have had tremendous success in helping Chinese and Western business leaders reach truly outstanding outcomes.  Dragonfly can play several roles in your negotiation - from upfront consultation on the cultural differences impacting negotiations (for both Chinese and Western companies) to developing a strategy and supporting or leading the negotiation itself.  If a deal has already been made, but the implementation is difficult, Dragonfly can consult in improving the relationship and operation of the deal.

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